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Around the world there are several ongoing ship building projects. More or less sucessful. More or less large in scope and ambition. I beleive we all have a great deal to lern from each other.

Here is a list of friends, resources and interesting projects, besides ours, who certainly I will visit regularly. Sooner or later we will all meet on the seven seas if the goods blesses us with fair wind and enough sponsors.


Ostindiefararen Götheborg III Project

In Gothenburg, Sweden, our own project of buildning an 18th cent. frigate replica, is in full swing. To the best of our knowledge launching will be in 2001, before departing for China.

Baghlah ship

In Kuwait a traditional wooden freight ship - a Baghlah - is beeing built. The ship is designed to be 85 meters long and 18 meters wide.

The Batavia

An authentic reconstruction or replica of an East-indiaman/VOC merchant ship from the year 1628.
In 1995 the Batavia was launched and is now moored at a jetty in front of the yard.

The 'Zeven Provinciën'

In 1994 a start was made at the Batavia Yard with a second reconstruction, that of the famous Dutch man-o-war "De 7 Provinciën". The keel was laid on 17th May 1995.

The Endeavour

Welcome to the home page of the HM Bark Endeavour, a replica of James Cook's ship.

The Mayflower

In summer 1997 - as part of the UK's millenium celebrations for the year 2000 - the construction of the Mayflower 2000 was due to begin on Chambers Wharf in Southwark (by the side of the River Thames in London, England).

The Duyfken

Andre Cruse is a Journeyman Carpenter from Eastern Germany who worked on Duyfken for a week and fitted the knee which he is sitting beside.

Tom Vanderveld's Duyfken site
This Dutch Community view was the very first Duyfken site online.

Het Duyfken 1606 Replica Project
Australië bouwt een replica van het 17e eeuwse VOC-schip Duyfken. De bouwers houden je via Internet op de hoogte van de stand van zaken.

Travels with the the Tall Ship Rose
The HMS Rose Foundation

Rose is a full-rigged replica of an 18th century Royal Navy frigate that cruised the American coast during the American Revolution.

The Jeanie Johnston

Built in Quebec in 1847 she was a stout tripple-masted barque, 32 metres long, constructed of oak and pine, displacing 700 tons and with a full complement of 200 passengers and 17 crew. The people of Ireland have decided to salvage the memory of the Jeanie Johnston by building a replica and sailing her to Canada and the United States and the ports she once served so faithfully.

Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II was commissioned in 1988 to serve as the Goddwill Ambassador for the State of Maryland and the Port of Baltimore. It was built in Baltimore's Inner Harbour as a replica of an 1812-era topsail schooner, sometimes called Baltimore Clippers.

The East Indiaman Friendship
The Friendship, News

A reconstruction of a 171-foot three-masted Salem East Indiaman built in 1797, is currently under construction at Scarano Boat Building in Albany, NY. She will be the largest wooden, Coast Guard certified, sailing vessel to be built in New England in more than a century.

Jakten Eugenia

The original (previous) Eugenia was built in Bolax, Hitis, in the archipelago of SW- finland in 1879. It sailed as a cargo-vessel along the finnish coast until 1951 when it sank near the island where it was built.

Gerda af Gävle

Återuppbyggnaden av Briggen Gerda, europas sista seglande brigg i handelssjöfart har engagerat Gävleborna i ett stort gemensamt projekt och blivit uttryck för en folklig vilja att återskapa en tidsrymd i stadens historia.

Postjakten Hiorten

En replik av en postjakt från år 1692 som byggs i full skala. Byggandet är ett led i Marinmuseums program att levandegöra och återskapa skeppsbyggnadsteknologin från slutet av 1600-talet fram till tidigt 1800-tal.

Jacobstads Wapen

The two-masted gaff-schooner Jacobstads Wapen was built in 1988- 1994 in Jakobstad, Finland. She is built according to the oldest existing shipdrawings in Finland (from 1755), made by the famous Swedish naval architect Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1720- 1808). She has all modern conveniences and necessary life-saving equipments and she is a certified passengervessel. She sails from may to september, mainly in the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea.

Kalmar Nyckel

The Shining Sea

The Trustees and Advisors are donating their expertise to design and build the new clipper Shining Sea. When completed this ship will be the largest wooden square-rigger under sail in the world.

Stockholms Briggen

Läs hur projektet vuxit fram från en idé till ett miljonprojekt som kommer att sätta sin prägel på sjöstaden Stockholm och Skeppsholmen.


Carlmarks Gamla Repslagarbana

Just outside Gothenburg an old factory is kept alive, waiting once again to deliver hemp rope for a new full blood of the seven seas - the East Indiaman Götheborg III.

The Hamilton Ships Company

The Hamilton Ships Company of 1812. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Provide quality, introductory training and work experiences in the (traditional and modern) skills related to the construction of 19th century sailing vessels

Touwfabriek Langman
Traditional tarred hemp rope is being made for the Duyfken replica by Touwfabriek Langman in the Netherlands.
Click for a picture of an old ropewalk.

The Maritime History Virtual Archives
Lars Bruzelius' comprehensive source of nautical information and links.


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