Lars Gillis: Götheborg III under segel

Ostindiefararen Götheborg

The adventurous excavation and rebuilding of the Swedish East Indiaman Götheborg who foundered in the harbor of Gothenburg on homecoming from China in 1745

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Alla texter Jan-Erik Nilsson eller Anders Wästfelt 1984-1998.

Our own Wayback Machine

This is the original domain as built and written in support of the Eastindiaman Gotheborg III project begun the 26th of November 1996. The approach was experimental and more to demonstrate different programing approaches that were the rave about one and a half decade ago. At that time these messy pages were State of the Art. Then Google was just one in the crowd. Microsoft had just discovered Internet and launched their first browser. Nobody had heard the word "portal" and, if the Internet would ever amount to anything was an open question to many. Our thought was that this would create a new infrastructure as revolutionary as the railroads and the telegraph, and that the Eastindiaman could be used to promote the use of the Internet, not the other way around.

I felt that properly used for business networking this Internet thingey could well pay for the entire project. But being a pioneer is more difficult then it looks. You don't even have names for the things you are trying to create.

The events that cut this work short, tragic or daft as they might be, left these pages as a monument from the pioneering days of the Internet. In this spirit I have left as much as possible as it were, while carefully reupholstering these pages to something that could actually be visited in a modern browser.

To get the right feel, imagine you are using a Netscape browser under Windows 3.1 and a 460x600 fat CTR monitor and that only a fraction of the PC's actually had sound cards installed.

Despite everything, during the period Feb 1997-Mars 1998 this site enjoyed 17 400 visitors.

Welcome to the wayback machine and enjoy the ride.

Jan-Erik Nilsson